Thursday, April 16, 2015

Third Place

 Out of the Box

Tick… Tock… Out of the box-
   Solidify the emptiness of this enclosure.
   Shattered mirrors self- esteem
   Are we all just living in a dream?
   Broken promises full of lies,
   Hatred, scorn, and sin rage on.

Tick…Tock… Out of the box-
   Reveal the contents tucked inside
   A rose so red, a symbol of my love
   Doves flying on a breath of fresh air.
   Happiness floating everywhere!
   Affectionate, resounding joy and praise,
   This my friend will truly amaze!

Tick… Tock… Out of the box-
   Cast judgement if you must!
   Sealed tight and sprung into the light…
A convergence of all things right or wrong.
Unwrapped, unfoiled, and sent straight to you.
Waiting to be discovered anew.

Tick… Tock… Tick- open the box quick
   Touched by the hands of time…
               YOU’RE FINALLY EXPOSED!

©2015 Carmen Borrero

About the Author Carmen Borrero

Tick…Tock… Carmen is out of the box! Unleashing my passion for creative expressionism, my works have been recognized both locally in my community and on a national level. This marks the second consecutive year, both submitting and placing in the Political Poet’s Annual Contest. I extend heartfelt gratitude to my family, friends, and the world around me. My eyes have been kept open with love, support, true awakenings, and endless possibilities! I reside in Columbus, GA. Yet, you can find me alongside the banks of the Chattahoochee River enjoying the breath-taking views of nature’s finest- when not at my place of employment or the local baseball diamond!

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