Monday, April 20, 2015

Fourth Place

Hood Lies

What are hood lies you
ask of me
They are the things that are hidden as truths and let be
They are
the stagnant type of lies
That make youth believe that they cannot fly
stands on the corner dishing out dope
Getting them hooked on false dreams with
little hope
It rides in a brand new car, fresh shiny and clean
Steals them
from school never to further their dreams

It sells young girls false hope of
being video queens, models and dancers
It makes it rain on their dreams like
dollars for dances
The dollar for dances life gets old, leaving young girls
feeling beat-down and old
Once involved in this life, it's hard to escape
the dollar for dances riches are thrown directly in their face
It tells young
people lies like they will never fly
But gives them dope instead to make them
It destroys all their beautiful dreams
Try to recover and move on is
almost impossible it seems

Burnt out faces, empty eyes and blank spaces
lies destroys many races
No it doesn't pick or choose
Hood lies just hopes
you're weak, and willing to lose
It will put you in a casket or in a jail
You be living in you own personal type of hell

It tells you now to
never dream of being free
Cause you're a slave to the dope and hood lies are
It directly and indirectly destroys all of our lives
For we are connected
by the fabric of hood lies
So don't fall prey to Hood Lies in your
Understand it takes no prisoners, and leaves you to die

©2015 Delores Almond

 About the Author Delores Almond
Delores Almond is a native of Detroit, Michigan who currently resides in Virginia. Delores occasionally performs "open mic" in and around the DC, Virginia area.  She  is currently working on a collection of poems and short stories which she hopes to release in the coming months.

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