Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Put It On Warren Buffett's Tab

Is anybody else tired of hearing how the 1% pay all the income taxes, and how the 99% don't pay much if any at all? I was doing some Christmas shopping the other day and the bill at one store was $212.56. Out of which $12.03 was sales tax, and I kept hearing those words in my head about burdening the wealthy 1% with all the taxes and the rest of us not paying any. The thought crossed my mind to ask the checkout girl to remove the $12.03 from the bill since I don't pay taxes, and tell her to put it on Warren Buffett's tab.
The truth is the 99% pay the majority of the taxes just not income taxes. We pay social security taxes, excise taxes on gasoline, tires, vaccinations to name a few, sales taxes, sin taxes, real estate taxes, and personal property taxes. Check out your next electric, water, telephone, natural gas, sewage, garbage collection, satellite, cable, Internet or cell phone bill. Guess what like the mob, every level of government seems to be getting a taste of the 99%'s money in the form of taxes. We don't pay any taxes? Who do they think they are fooling, not me or the rest of the 99% protesting around the country.