Monday, June 27, 2011

Sign Sen. Bernie Sanders' Letter to President Obama

Follow the link to read and sign Senator Bernie Sanders' letter to President Obama.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Weiner Limerick

There once was a pervert named Weiner
Who had a perverted demeanor
Forced from the Hill
For acting like Bill
Now Congress is one weiner leaner

- unknown poet

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Censorship On The Political Poet

I've caught some slack over a comment posted under a blog entry announcing the poetry contest. Although I do not agree with the comment posted as a poem, I believe in freedom of speech. Regardless of my dislike of a view, I will not censor my blog for a person having an opinion other than my own. If I remove the comment, it defeats the whole point of being a political poet. Opinions are important even if you dislike them. They let you know we are not all cut from the same cookie cutter design. Maybe listening to other's views and opinions to find out the reason a rift exists would avoid conflict between countries, religions, races, ages or sexual orientations? We might think the comment is ridiculous and think of a dozen rebuttals immediately, but if one person out there has that view then you can bet their are others. Feel free to write rebuttals and post them under the poem if you find it offensive. The only requirement is to not use profane language or overly sexual material. As I have stated before, these web pages are visited by younger students on a regular basis, and I will remove anything overly profane, sexual, or calling for violence; however, I will not remove a comment due to opinion.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Neither a Borrower nor a Lender Be

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be; for loan oft loses both itself and friend,” from William Shakespeare's Hamlet is a lesson our government could use right now. Our elected officials are borrowing money from China at the same time they’re lending banks money for next to nothing. For example, many banks showed great first quarter profits this year. Where did they get the profit? They borrowed the money from the government at zero percent interest, and they lent the money back to the government to earn interest. The interest was their profit.
It is like the banks are the thieves who take advantage of a blind vendor handing a single and telling them it’s a twenty dollar bill. It’s like the American people have a mentally challenged accountant in charge of our money, and I apologize to the mentally challenged because you’re not as challenged as our politicians. The point is no real world business or other country works that way. Our government is horrible with our money. They lend our money to countries around the world not expecting to be paid back hoping those countries will be our friends and allies, but they just feel resentment toward us. As far as our lender goes, China is starting to feel empowered over us. Telling us to get our financial house in order and saying we are in default on our loans are just a couple of slights they’ve sent our way in the last few days.
It’s time to stop the insanity. I don’t want to hear about a giant credit card maxed out by irresponsible and corrupt politicians. There is no such credit card and no such limit. It is our money and our government. We, the people, are the security behind our money. The gold standard went the way of the dinosaurs. These are just numbers being typed in on a computer. Do you really think China is sending us their silver, gold or even paper money? They’re lending us digital funds they typed in on their computer. As always, money only holds the value people place on it.
Wake up America! Our politicians are borrowing from China because they believe in the Chinese people more than they believe in America. We need to tell our government to float us our own credit because we, the people, are the security behind our money. Our treasury can type the numbers in the same as China’s. Quit borrowing from anyone. We will back our own money, Congress! It is our treasury! Electronically transfer all the money we owe China back to them at once. You’re just returning the electronic transfers they’ve sent to us.
Their game will be up then. I have nothing against the Chinese. I love their culture, art and food. I just think the American people should realize why the Chinese would agree to hold so much of our debt besides leverage over our government. They do it to keep their people working, not ours. They do it so we can keep buying their goods, not ours. The Chinese are masters of trade. We use to be, but our government has retarded our ability to trade on an even playing field. It goes back to political contributions, legal bribes as I like to call them. Our politicians rally behind anything that comes with a check attached to them. I explained in previous blogs how they eventually funnel those campaign contributions into their own back pockets perfectly legal. Gas prices are a perfect example. If our politicians gave a crap about doing what is in our interests, they would return to the days of regulating the commodities speculators on Wall Street. Gas would be cheaper, and $2.40 per gallon would be in our economic interest. For more information on how fuel speculators have driven the price of gasoline sky high check out Vermont’s Senator Bernie Sanders web pages. I believe he might be the only politician left in Washington, D.C. with the American peoples’ best interest in mind. I wish he was running for President as an independent.   
We, the people, cannot count on our politicians to right this ship. They are for sale to the highest political contribution from lobbyists foreign and corporate. Our best interest, our defense and protection of our constitutional rights are no longer their concern because regardless of whom we vote for we continue to get whatever the highest bidder wants.
In other words, we have to right our own ship. We, the people, are the economy. We, the people, are the security behind our money. We, the people, have to start making the extra effort to buy American. We, the people, have to spend our money on American merchandise even if it is a few pennies more. If we don’t see an American made product we need, we need to ask for one and refuse to buy the foreign version. It will not be easy. Currently, you will find it hard to find the American products you need. For instance, buy a copy of my book, written by an American and printed in America on American paper with American ink just click on the book cover on the right, sorry for the self-promotion. We, the people, need to be the soldiers on this front line. We need to make this sacrifice. It is the only way we can control putting fellow Americans back to work.
We, the people need to quit listening to all the doomsday politicians saying to throw the American baby out with the bathwater, gut our social programs, educational institutions and our American humanity. We, the people, are willing to put our money into American businesses that actually create jobs here. We, the people, are willing to put our money into making our children the best educated in the world thus making them the most competitive. We want the best healthcare in the world. We want our people to be the best fed in the world. We want our people to all have shelter. We want our infrastructure of bridges, roads, railways, airports, utilities to be the envy of the world. We want the best public parks because they are ours. We want the greatest art, music and theatre in the world. We are Americans. We can do all of this. We know it is possible because we, the people, are the security behind our money.  We, the people, need to tell Washington our great, great, great grandchildren don’t need to worry about this debt to China. We will back our own economy. We don’t need to borrow or lend. We, the people, are the security behind our money. We, the people, believe in ourselves, not the politicians.