Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Second Place Award Taunja Thomson

The Altar

The altar was the head

of a pin upon which

seven angels spun

singing over the din

of silence.

They saw a smaller sun

lighting their steps

over the pale sunrise

and followed.

Their circle broadened

and they were blinded.

each fell in a crimson freefall

from the altar, felt blood

rush for the first time.

Looking up at their former place

of worship, they saw it was desolate,

flat, dusty, its surface worn

by their predictable dance.

Now they stood on a ground

ripe with blossoms,

bees nuzzling the centers.

drooping with the weight

of their own fecundity,

the angels looked up

and perceived

a larger, closer sun.

©2013 Taunja Thomson

About the Author Taunja Thomson

Taunja Thomson's work has appeared in The Cincinnati Poets' Collective, The Cincinnati Poetry Review, and The Licking River Review over the last few years. She has been writing poetry for thirty years now, and her inspirations include the Beat Poets, the Imagists, Whitman, and Rumi. She lives in Cold Spring with her husband and six cats and enjoys gardening, geocaching, and reading cat mysteries.

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