Monday, April 8, 2013

Fifth Place Award Chad McKenzie

No Answer from the Hill

A moment’s contemplation
On the status of our nation
Whose sad administration
Leaves us lurching in decline
Such an absence of creation
And a lack of motivation
Simply reeks of hesitation
While our necks are on the line
The Donkeys keep on braying
But the Elephants aren’t swaying
And everyone’s complaining
Yet no answer from the hill
The Capitalists are paying
And the religious ones are praying
To me, it looks like playing
And I think I’ve had my fill

©2013 Chad McKenzie

About the Author Chad McKenzie

My name is Chad McKenzie and I am a Senior Software Developer for a family owned company near Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. Writing was a hobby of mine throughout my childhood, however after graduating and pursuing my technical career, I didn't find much time to write. Recently this desire has resurfaced, and I appreciate the Political Poet for giving me the opportunity to display something I wrote for others to see. Thanks also to my three children; Seth, Aiden, and Linus, and to my soon to be wife Lisa, for reminding me of how much I enjoy this. Thanks!

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