Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Honorable Mention Fabiyas M V

The Anxieties of a Widow

May stretched its legs into grave.

The thunder heralds the rains.

A hut on the bank of Kanoli canal

Is not re-thatched this year.

Her infant’s illness made the doctor gay

With all the wages she had kept.

Summer takes the last breath,

But the coconut leaf thatched roof

Is not re-thatched this year.


As the widow stands on the threshold,

The rain clouds gather over her sky,

And the wind scatters terror in her corridor.

Will the tattered roof be flown away?

Will the rain drops make pores

On the roof of her life?

Where will her child crawl and smile?

Question waves are thus getting high;

Her canoe is ready to be tossed.


©2013 Fabiyas Mathilakath Veettil


(Summer season ends in May and Monsoon season (rainy season) begins in

June in Kerala)


About the Author Fabiyas M V

He was born at Orumanayur, Kerala, India in 1974.

He works as an English teacher in a government school in India.

He won Poetry Soup International Award, U S A in 2011 and also in 2012.

He won a prize by the British Council in 2011.

He won Whistle Press Poetry Contest, India in 2012.

He won RSPCA Pet Poetry Contest, U K 2012.

Moonlight and Solitude is his first book, published by raspberry books, Calicut, Kerala.

Forward Poetry, UK, Pendle War Poetry UK etc. have published his poems.

All India Radio had broadcast his poems.


  1. A moving statement made through concise wording and powerful images. Wow.

    1. A very strong poem to be sure, we missed getting a submission from you this year. We hope you remember us next year.