Thursday, April 4, 2013

Honorable Mention Prince Tatenda Kanokanga


“Everyone steps out of their predefined role

And steps up to work towards a singular goal

Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen

Take note introductions need not be made

Discourse, debate and argument

In no particular order

Is the adopted agenda

Round table discussion

With no discretion



Public officials

In attendance

Bribery, inflation, crime

Corruption, unemployment

Employment, citizenship, equality

Topical issues set to be addressed

This is Harambee Political Poetry



“Remind me again of the nomination details

Which parties and candidates are running for office

The requirements for one to run

The voting process

The general rules

Are they to:

Inspire change

Promote peace

Maintain harmony

And protect citizens

Or perhaps to:

Encourage legal compliance

And effective local governance

Scrutinize reports and findings

For those of us with political ambition

To help us fight injustice

Societal corrosion

The mild fiction

Civic responsibility

What academic qualifications

At what age can I contest,

This has now become personal;

There has been abuse of executive powers

There are plenty of environmental constraints

There is bad leadership, it often follows that;

A good leader necessary isn’t a good politician

And a good politician is not necessarily a good leader





“I hunger for freedom of consciousness

I hunger for freedom of association, assembly and expression

I hunger and thirst to see unemployment issues addressed

To see job creation and less inflation

To see less crime and better judgment

I too stand for no political party

With my foot in one and the other there

With my hand here and my left there

Perhaps I’m too young

And as my family and relatives say

Politics involves

Career implications

Could I really be incompetent at 18?

Should I not stand up and speak my concern

Should I not have a voice

Am I not a part of this nation

I’m an ordinary citizen

And no-body is above the law

Yes I am young and ambitious

Yes I have a lot to give

A lot to lose and gain

To lose an election

To gain trust

I stand for the Youth

The persons responsible for tomorrow

The persons responsible for today

The persons learning from yesterday

I stand not to oppose or depose the old tradition

I stand not to challenge the institution

I stand as the voice of the children

The infants and the juniors

The teens and adolescence

Young fathers and mothers

The orphaned and weak

The abused and harmed

Those that live on the streets

And no not the campaign song

The victory dance or slogan

I will not by pass violence

And ethnic hostility

Internal and external terrorism


No matter the race



I am a candidate of Member of Parliament

Will stand up and fight till the death for you

I will speak for the young and the old

The known and unknown

Liberation a dream, it cost many an arm and a leg

Liberation a reality, it costs nothing but servitude

Know all men whom it may concern

That I stand to speak for the people

To speak for the country, its people and the law”



“Shall we not cast our vote in this New Election?

Have we not contributed in the recent Referendum?

Shall we not fight for equal representation?

Have we not contributed for the nation?

Shall we not fight for our proliferation?

Shall we not fight for education?

We are the villages

We are the mothers

We are the numbers

Yet we are the minority

We are restricted and limited

Confined to corner offices

For the sake of gender balance

We are the oppressed and robbed

We are the villages and the people

Count our numbers,

Is it not a challenge

Is this what we gained independence for?

What our sisters, mothers

Children and husbands died for?

Who want our chairs and offices?

We want our enterprises and companies

We want policy changes and frameworks

Secure our protection

Economically, politically, socially and physically

We fought the battle

Held guns and powder

Should we not be allowed to administer

Is it not a legitimate reason?

Could there be any reason?

How can you plan a life for women without us being involved?

How can you preach and not teach Entrepreneurship

Free market economics and business ethics

We plan to rule and conquer

To show our strength

We are nurses and doctors

We are pilots and engineers

We are marshals and soldiers

We are ministers and judges

We are teachers and lecturers

We are drivers and mothers

We are the general care-takers

We are fighting for Voter Registration

Less hostility and more order

We are fighting for Voter Inspection

Legislation and rules

We fight not only for women

But for men too, we fight for children

We fight not based on gender, we fight only a battle

To be given equal opportunity

To freely achieve our dreams

To arrest the perpetrators

Curb favouritism and abuse of power

Politicians are architectural liars who promise you a better life

Who promise this and that, and never achieve it.

We stand not as politicians but as mothers

To care for all and show peace and comfort”



“Interesting discourse

Campaign in the press

Tactical issues swept not under the bridge

Flood gates open

Shall we not continue to address concerns

As we speak there are children dying on the streets

There are children getting pregnant, dropping from school

Indulging in alcohol and substance abuse

As we speak there are families in the rural areas who do not decent shelter

There are living in thatched huts with no proper ventilation

There are sharing quarters with children

Some areas without food, there is no food security

There is wide-spread hunger, starvation and disease

Many foreign aid officers and volunteers

Peace and Mercy Corps

The numbers of men and women dying

The wide-spread tension

Or could it be the anticipation

The high scale ethnic rivalry

Lack or harmony

Intensity of uncouth exchange

This heightened political tension

Riots and demonstrations

Assignments and assassinations

Can one speculate

Peaceful elections?

What strategies are in place

What thoughts and opinions

Do you have to change all this

The hunger and disease

The HIV/AIDS pandemic

The under-developed hospitals

Clinics and laboratories

The lowering education statics

How do we depopularise these

What is our way forward?”



“You’ve highlighted important points

We as a nation are supposed to pull through

There is dishonesty and corruption

Our leaders

The elders

The governors

Are all involved in scandals

There is political interference

Mismanagement of government offices

Decline in the public health care system

Lack of transparency

Incompetence and poor investment climate

This is not a debate but a forum

We have gone against the grain

We have traded government secrets for houses

Stolen monies

Committed fraud

And bribed our way from this or that deal

Remembering days gone by

Bribing customs officials

Under reporting tax sheets

Dealing in arms

And frequently reducing tax liability

Juxtaposition of evil

Opulence and austerity

The dexterity of our demise

We have done it all

All that can be done under the sun and the moon

We have swindled the people’s monies

We have corrupted the government

We understand there are no second chances in life

So today we mark our first chance to make things better

To repay the under-paid

To increase wages

Improve social services

Revive the economy

And sky-rocket into oblivion tension

We know of the unwarranted arrests

The misuse of land and water resources

During our tenures as leaders

I speak out on behalf of us

We will address the issue of child drop outs

The issue of children on the street

We can only hope for a better tomorrow

And work collective toward our goal”



“Peaceful elections are possible

Free and fair elections are possible

Democratic rule and administration of government

Are possible

The meeting of more than one mind brings different thought

The meeting of senate and parliament brings different thought

Under this recent Referendum

There was extensive monitoring and investigating

Under this new Constitution

One can only hope for the better

I speak only to give reassurance

There will be harmony

I speak only on behalf of the masses

There will be tranquillity

I speak only to clarify issues

There will be less debate and more rebate

Indeed there will be

For many have been short-changed

I speak to help those with querying issues

Not only for today but also tomorrow

There is a new breed of leaders

There is a new breed of elders

There is a new breed of political thinkers

Global change makers

The youth are inspiring and encouraging

And I’m rallying and fighting for them

The women are authoritative and fighting

And I’ve hurt and I’m running with them

The structures and candidates for leadership are there

I speak for the interest of others

That better days are ahead

The wind has blown

And we have lost our toil

We have ploughed and worked hard the soil

Seen our faces green

And our produce red

But today we plant a new seed

And wait in expectancy

To see a better local government

To see better state governance

See in place effective and efficient legislation

Interwoven for the betterment of mankind

To tell of a story

Of how we were our own people

But are now a people

I’m voting for women and youth

And not myself” 




“Your Excellencies

Your Majesties

 Heads of State and Government

Members of Parliament



Civic Ward Leaders

 Distinguished Delegates

 Ladies and Gentlemen

Our nation has been at war

Our nation is at war

We are fighting a battle of ideals and principles

Fighting for equality, liberty, justice and solidarity

Should we be fighting?

When shall the fighting stop

Today I call a cease-fire

Indeed there is racism and discrimination

Lack of capacity building

Social innovation projects

Our mirror is tainted with blood

The establishment has become corrupt

It has been said before

We have seen the corruption

The exclusion

The gap between the wealthy and the rich

The rich and the poor

This our election is a new start

Recognising our weakness and gathering our strengths

For technological advancement

Social enterprise

And professional development

To restore peace and democracy

To effectively rule and govern

Bridge the gap

And unit under one voice

Different people, from different backgrounds

For a one definitive reason Progress

I take full responsibility

For the lack of service delivery

I take full responsibility for war against your Human Rights

I take full responsibility for the deaths and loss of life of fellow citizens

My brothers and sisters

We as decision makers

Policy implementers have failed our mandate

We have wrestled each other

And washed our under-wear in the streets

From today we pledge to challenge any incompetent person in government

To have research projects and advocacy

To attend to our homes and constituencies

Crop out shrewd politicians

Doctors, lawyers, mayors

To map the way for the future

To influence a greater change

Relay positive information

To march toward our goal

Condone drunken driving

Stop child alcoholism

Treat malnourishment

Become better positioned

More philanthropic

Encourage peace

Stop tribal racism

Tribal war

Investigate into our future and

Revise or policies

And unite under one motto


Together we pull through”


© 2013 Prince Tatenda Kanokanga



About the Author Prince Tatenda Kanokanga

Prince Kanokanga is an industriously broad-minded and exciting young gentleman from Harare, Zimbabwe. Prince is a Public Speaker, a Youth Chairman, and a church Deacon. Prince as he is affectionately known has been expressing himself and finding his voice through poetry and article writing since is high school days at Prince Edward, Harare, Zimbabwe. Prince is a Client Relationship Manager for Smart Deals (Private) Limited, Harare, Zimbabwe. Prince’s various travels and friends have shaped his writing, his personal experiences, literature, song and dance have had a profound impact and impregnated his writing with “out of this world quotes and sayings”. Prince has sat with several economic, social and political giants and this has widened his sturdy imaginative and analytic skills. He is currently studying, toward his undergraduate law degree with the University of South Africa. Prince has a great understanding of Politics, he is said to once have quoted such a profound statement, “If politics is a sullied fixture, why do we entrust architectural liars with our hopes and dreams for a better future.”





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