Friday, February 25, 2011

Why are Republicans anti-Union communists?

American workers need to wake up and smell the poverty and no benefits creeping closer and closer to them. Without unions, our country is turning back the clock to the days when we were expected to work 7 days a week with no benefits for a wage that kept our families on the brink of starvation. Do we really want to go back to the days when everyone in the family had to work just to keep food on the table and pay our landlord rent for a dumpy one room apartment in a ghetto? Sure, send that 4 year old child into the coal mine to reach that coal an adult can't, or put that 5 year old girl into a dangerous piece of machinery to clean it. Children today are just obese and lazy, right?

Tea Party members, I know you want fiscal responsibility, but you have to know destroying unions is hurting this country. Our Republican friends have been crushing unions since Ronald Reagan, and maybe some of the unions needed to be monitored for corruption or inappropriate use of collected dues; however, criminal elements in any group should be held accountable for their actions not the entire group, or do we need to revisit the entire Republican and Tea Parties not being responsible for acts of violence committed by a few people?

Besides, the Republican Governor of Wisconsin admitted this wasn't about fiscal responsibility in an interview. When, as long as they could retain their collective bargaining rights for the future, the union agreed to concessions so the state could financially balance their budget, the Governor refused saying the Union had to give up their collective bargaining rights. Why? Almost all the private unions are struggling, if not in their death throws. Our jobs have been sent over seas or to Mexico. Do we really want the last bastion of government employee unions to be destroyed, also?

I can't understand why Republicans in a country that has a State of the Union address every year, fought under Republican President Abraham Lincoln to preserve the Union with a motto "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" want to destroy unions. Why are they trying to divide and conquer American workers? I know the Tea Party is anti-government, but this union is an employee union just like any other. These employees just happen to work for the government that doesn't make them the government. Differentiate and recognize the difference. They are willing to make cuts, or sacrifices, to enable the state of Wisconsin to balance their state's budget. The law makers of the state and the Governor make the laws and set the budget. If the SEIU is willing to give up benefits for the union members future rights to collective bargaining then the fiscally responsible thing to do is make the deal; in fact, to demand the union members give up their future rights to bargain for better wages or benefits when the economy rebounds is communistic.

We all know what communism means; everyone lives in poverty except the party members running the country. Cutting education is not the way to get our country straightened out; in fact, it puts our children at an even bigger disadvantage. They are going to need an education to compete with the rest of the world, especially since they are already saddled with ridiculous debt. Where are the jobs that were suppose to be created from going green, building windmill generators and solar cells? China has them. Instead of throwing money at oil companies because their lobbyists threw money at our elected officials, maybe we should demand those elected officials loan that money out for business seed capital to start those green businesses and create some jobs. Without raising taxes and cutting our teachers, we will eliminate the budget short fall with a bigger tax base and more Americans back to work. Dare I say it, if we the American people can stand united then we can take back this country.

If you're not a communist Republican and you want to support American workers rights to ask for better wages and benefits in the future then follow the link below to find a rally near you.  

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