Saturday, February 5, 2011

What to do about Charlie Sheen?

Everyone is asking ethical questions about what to do with Charlie Sheen and saying he is hurting the family show, Two and a Half Men. What happened to the actor we saw in Platoon

Since when is Two and a Half Men a family show? Charlie plays Charlie on the show, and he seems to be into method acting. Throwing money around at drugs, drinking and escorts are all part of his character on the show. I guess that is the reason the show hasn't been cancelled. I think people believe him in his part. In Charlie's case, he hasn't messed up the show until now that they had to stop filming. What people should be asking is how he is getting 3 softball size packages of cocaine and not getting caught or doing serious time? If John or Jane Q Public were caught with a fraction of that we'd be in prison for 25 years. I would have approached him as an individual long before now if I cared for him at all, but the bottom line is you cannot go to rehab for drug or alcohol abusers. They must want to do it themselves, and meaning, someone needs to address the issues driving him to abuse the substances in the first place.

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