Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quatrain Poems with Single or Double Rhyme.

Quatrain poems are four lines of verse with a single or double rhyme. The American style quatrain may or may not have a syllable count or pattern. The single rhyme quatrain has a-b-x-b or a-b-a-x as the rhyme pattern. The double rhyme quatrain has a-a-b-b, a-b-a-b or a-b-b-a as the rhyme pattern.

Examples by Frank G. Poe, Jr.: Single Rhyme Quatrains

Single Rhyme a-b-a-x                                           

New Desert Rose
Will democracy’s flower flourish
In Libya’s Saharan desert sun
Or wilt malnourished
Under black rain from gunships?

Single Rhyme a-b-x-b

Desert Ice, Ice Baby
Voices cry out for freedom while
Fighting mercenaries for the streets
Gadhafi’s power and mind melt
Ice sculptures in the Libyan heat

Examples by Frank G. Poe, Jr.: Double Rhyme Quatrains

Double Rhyme a-a-b-b                            

Get Out of Debt Free Card
The difference between our government and you
They can do something about debt, you can’t do
Don’t laugh although it sounds funny
They could always print more money

Double Rhyme a-b-a-b

Hello, Inflation
Hello, inflation grandpa said you were his friend.
Making our government look like a brain damaged clown
Adding to the national debt, fighting you to the end
But you, inflation, won’t be artificially held down?

Double Rhyme a-b-b-a

What will China say?
I’ve got a solution to our national debt
Print the money we need to pay it off in a day
And China won’t lend us anymore money that way
Accruing no interest on any loans, we won’t need it.

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