Saturday, July 30, 2011

Only Option, Really? I Call Bullshit!

There is an old saying in Kentucky when you hear someone telling a lie or spewing a bunch of crap. It goes, " I call bullshit!" Basically, it is a statement to let the person spouting the nonsense that you aren't being fooled by them. It lets them know and everyone around them that you can smell the manure.
I only mention it because I just got an email from my House Rep saying he voted for the cut and cap plan. (R) Rep. Geoff Davis from Kentucky said we have only one option, and any family spending like our government would have to cut spending while setting a budget to pay down their debt.

Well, I call BULLSHIT! Once, again, the Republican Party line seems to be the main focus, and the focus is getting President Obama out of the White House and getting themselves re-elected. Where is the creativity that made our country great? Only one option, really?

If you're going to try and compare the U.S. government to us working stiffs then at least have the decency to observe what most Americans do to get by in these times. First, we're more creative than your one option plan; for example, we might try to increase our income to match or exceed the amount we are spending. I know that seems to be a radical idea to the folks in Washington D.C. because even though the majority of the country is screaming at them to create American jobs, you're staying focused on the slash and burn mentality. Come on Geoff, are you trying to tell me that out of the whole Republican Party none of you ever got a second job to make some extra money for Christmas or to pay off some of your bills? I think you'll have to agree; we do have other options just not the one the Republican Party wants to use for their selfish agenda.

Here is an idea which requires the government to put out seed capital, but it solves the problem at the roots. Instead of  lending money to banks at zero percent interest so they can use it to buy other banks or lend it back to you for a profit, (Thanks for being stupid with our money by the way.) loan money at zero percent interest to any American who can put together a valid business plan which creates sustainable jobs. You could even give priority based on the number of jobs created or you could give special consideration to companies which will reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Hell, do both!

Before you spout more BULLSHIT about how we cannot afford to do it, we know better. As you Republicans said under President Bush, these are loans and they will be repaid so it really shouldn't count against our deficit. Both parties should work on this now, not later. Use the Small Business Administration to validate the business plans and distribute the funds. Allocate a fund for each state if you like. Do a test run with $100 million dollars, track it and see what happens. At least this money would be an attempt to put Americans back to work. How many millions did you send to Pakistan last year? I hope you get my point. I can think of businesses right now which could create immediate permanent jobs. All I am saying is give the American people a chance.  

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