Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Call To Action From The Coffee Party

Dear Americans,

This week, the American people are standing up to radical extremists in Washington who have pledged their loyalty to a rigid ideology instead of to our country. Our phone calls and emails are overloading communications on Capitol Hill. Now let's turn up the heat.

Please call and/or email Congress as part of our "Enough is Enough" campaign. Coffee Party USA has already contributed 23,000 emails sent to Congress so far. Our goal is to reach 50,000 emails by the end of the week.

We the People do not consent to the word's first Great Depression On-Purpose!
Please use our web tool and write a letter now

Please use this directory to call or fax your members of Congress

Please share this email with your network

Meanwhile, we are establishing a virtual gathering place to build momentum for an actual march on Washington a la Tahrir Square. Already, nearly 300 people have volunteered to spread the word on-line and help us organize!

On Facebook LIKE the Enough Is Enough March

We have only 4 days left in our July Membership Drive. Up until midnight July 31, you can become a member of Coffee Party USA, vote in our Board of Directors election this fall, AND receive promotional items including two documentary films that help to define the Coffee Party's genesis and its mission:

9500 Liberty is the award-winning film by Coffee Party founders Annabel Park & Eric Byler, capturing the only 8 weeks in U.S. history when an Arizona-style immigration law was actually implemented. It's an uplifting story about everyday citizens reaching across the partisan divide to repeal a law that was wrong for their community.

Pricele$$ is an eye-opening exposé by director Steve Cowan, exploring how and why elected leaders rely on special interests for their job security, instead of We the People. Pricele$$ interviews members of Congress and highly paid lobbyists to diagnose the problem, then introduces some possible solutions.

Thank you so much for you civic engagement and your support. You inspire us!

Annabel, Eric, Debilyn, Billy, Mark, Shane, Diane, Egberto, Tabitha, Michael, and the Coffee Party USA Team

PS: Don't forget the Coffee Party Board of Directors election is coming up this fall. We are looking for nine good women and men to lead Coffee Party USA into 2012.

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