Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let Them Eat Their Tax Breaks Not Cake

Why are the Republicans so steadfast at not letting the taxes go back to where they were before? Do you think the wealthiest 1% will be able to spend their extra 5% in tax savings if the whole country is in chaos? I think I'll drive through the riot to go play golf today. What an angry mob burned down the clubhouse? Let them eat cake! We all know where that attitude ended up. I say let them eat the tax break instead of destroying our country.

Nobody likes taxes, but I don't see those jobs they were suppose to create with the tax cuts they got for the last 5 years so take the tax cuts away. Democrats need to quit spending on the wrong things. If it doesn't create lasting jobs, cut it. Social Security is not some sacred cow. It is flawed. The wealthiest Americans get the largest checks every month while the middle and lower wage earners get barely enough to survive. Well, they paid in more so they deserve it. No, no they didn't, and no they don't.

I use to work on tax returns, and I know they play a game with hide and seek with their income. Working class people never get anywhere near to paying in the maximum amount for the 3 years it takes to get the maximum check paid back each month. The wealthy know the game, and they manage to show exactly what they need to pay in for 3 years to get the maximum back, forever. They have accountants do their books to take advantage of loop holes in taxes and to leverage their Social Security taxes to reap the max benefits.

Working people don't get that luxury. On average, the working people pay in dutifully for decades, not just 3 years, and they pay in a lot more in those decades than the rich ever do. I've seen it with my own eyes, people with million dollar incomes getting huge Social Security check. So, why do the workers get small Social Security checks when they retire and the wealthy get ridiculously disproportionate monthly checks? Because, they designed it that way.

Here is how to fix it without hurting the working class Americans, call it a tax not entitlement.  If people make more than a half million dollars a year in other income, take away their Social Security check. The first thing Republicans bring up is the system was suppose to be a social safety net not a full retirement plan. So, kick the rich off the system.
Both parties need to quit pretending the debt ceiling is real. We can always print more money with our own treasury to pay our bills. Why we borrow from other countries is beyond me. It costs us jobs by keeping down inflation. Maybe if we actually saw the inflation then we wouldn't spend so foolishly. Just independant thinking from a reformed Republican/Democrat who is sick of both parties.

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