Sunday, December 19, 2010

Make All Campaign Contributions Illegal Or Get Voted Out!

A corporate lobbyist is no different than a nonprofit lobbyist or a wealthy individual.
My point is money from any lobby corporate, nonprofit or individual should be illegal. The fact is I'm not saying to get rid of lobbyist. They are protected by the constitution. We, all, have a right to lobby our elected officials, but the power should come from how many votes a lobby can deliver not from the amount of money they pay to get face time with a member of congress. Imagine how quickly our country could be fixed if members of congress would make room for a meeting based on the merits of their petitions versus the size of their wallet or pocket book. I doubt many current members of congress will be interested in public finance of federal campaigns under the guise it would cost too much money.

In truth, it is because they and their families get rich off the lobbyists. They have nice rules to look like they aren't taking bribes, but when you pay your son a cool million from your campaign coffers to design a poster saying vote for you, or your wife another million as a consultant, it is easy to see how campaign contributions can turn in to a families personal wealth. Not saying names, ask yourself how a retired school teacher and all of his children are now multi-millionaires? I know what school teachers make. Oh, by the way I live in Kentucky.

In addition, public financing doesn't have to cost the public anything. Mandate that television and radio licenses include a set amount of time for federal campaign adds just like public service announcements and the early warning system. Limit the time so the people running for office are forced to focus on issues and offering solutions to our problems rather than an opponent's personal life and mud slinging. Equal time should be given to all parties proving they have enough members to warrant time, not just to the Democrats and Republicans. In my mind there have already been several independent parties that would qualify. These simple changes would create a multi-party system which is proven in other countries to lead to more cooperation and compromise.

Americans need to demand their elected officials sign off on this and try to pass legislation. If they refuse, get candidates willing to do so. Hold them to the fire, and vote accordingly. It is time for the people to take back our government from big business, both foreign and domestic. Come join me in the Coffee Party.

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