Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Democrats and Republicans the Two Headed Snake

I was a Democrat for 12 years, and I was a Republican for 12 years. After 24 years, I'm now an Independent. The problem isn't one party is liberal, and the other party is conservative. The problem is neither party really wants to get anything done because all their campaign contributions come from the same big business lobbyists. Both parties are the two heads on the same political snake, and the snake only represents the interests of big business and the wealthiest of Americans. As I write this, I recall better days when we looked for the union label and made in the USA. Our working class, middle class, lower income class and poverty class are all quickly becoming the same class with no representation. We vote to show our displeasure when it seems like the solutions to so many of our economic problems are easy to implement, but regardless of the party in charge, they don't want to do anything except get re-elected. Power change between the parties has become status quo. One simply blames the other until they switch sides, and we are the losers. My wish is that more Americans abandon the two parties and become true Independents. You feel no obligation to vote party lines that way or defend ridiculous positions on party issues, i.e. trickle down economics. Personally, I'm not liberal or conservative anyway. I'm liberal in my views on somethings and conservative on others issues. I guess that makes me a moderate, and if my suspicions are correct so are most Americans. Isn't it about time for a viable third party like the Coffee Party so we can cut both heads off the same snake? Feel free to comment.

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