Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Action Needed Now More Than Ever & The Power of Three

Alright, everybody take a deep breath and collect yourselves. I’ve been hearing several people talking, some complaining, about President Obama’s many calls to action to the American people. When I heard Carlos Mencia joking about it on CNN, I felt compelled to explain the President’s request. Carlos joked about voting for President Obama, and he thought he could relax now, going about his normal life while President Obama fixed everything. He then acted like he was surprised by the President’s call to action. Mencia said, “What? You want me to help work on this, too? I voted for you and thought I was done.” As politically savvy as Carlos is, he made an excellent point about many Americans believing they were done by casting their vote on Election Day.
Adding to my need to explain, I’ve heard too many people now asking what does he, President Obama, expect us to do? President Obama’s calls to action are first and foremost to lend him your voice. The power of democracy is the voice of the people. Think of it like a giant choir. The more people singing in the choir, the better the choir sounds because it is deeper and richer. More than any time before now, President Obama needs our voices to be heard in the Congressional corridors and offices in Washington. If we believe changes are still needed to be made not filibustered, we need to let our congressmen or congresswomen know it.
Periodically, President Obama has asked the American people to support a change he wanted to implement by adding to his voice so Congress will hear him. Now more than ever with a split control in the upcoming new Congress, the more of us contacting Congress, the easier it will be for them to hear the will of the American people instead of big money interests. We all know Congress can be a little hard of hearing sometimes unless there are dollars attached so it shouldn’t be too hard to understand why President Obama is still making these requests of us. With all our voices together, yes, we can be heard!
Now, the power of three comes into play here. Americans don’t need to contact every member of Congress. You can if you feel so compelled; however, we should all contact our three. We each have two Senators and one member of the House of Representatives. In a perfect world, we would all already know our, three, but in case you don’t know, you can call the US Capitol Switchboard (202)224-3121 to get the phone number of your state’s two Senators. You can contact the Clerk of the House at (202)225-7000 to get the phone number of your Representative in the House for your district and state. If you prefer to use the internet, you can go to the US Senate website,, and get all kinds of information about the US Senate including your two Senator’s email addresses, office locations and plain old snail mail addresses. The same information can be obtained on the US House of Representatives at their website, Once you have the contact information for your three, keep it handy and contact them often. If you’re like me, by yourself your voice doesn’t sound good; however, add millions of voices to it, and you have one heck of a choir.

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