Tuesday, April 8, 2014

First Place Poem by Bob McNeil

Text to Resurrect Revolution

Countee Cullen

and I are of this consensus:

Prejudice drafts psychopaths. 

Their warpaths 

transfix our people to many a crucifix. 

There resides the reason why

my protest must never relax

from typing its attacks.

Addressed to your psyche, 

my compositions are microphones for

Emmett Till, Michael Griffith, 

Yusef Hawkins, Amadou Diallo, 

Sean Bell, Ramarley Graham,

Trayvon Martin, Darius Simmons,

Jordan Davis and Renisha McBride.

Addressed to your psyche, 

you can hear the murdered entreat:

“Don’t allow another name to join

a homicide report sheet. 

Don’t allow another name to join

a homicide report sheet.”

Addressed to your psyche, 

the compositions 

I’ve written are parts of a bulletin,

the passages transmit 

to our terra firma’s retina.

Addressed to your psyche,

my protest wants life

to evict the combustive

and discriminative. 

If armed with you,

Lawfulness will live.

©2014 Bob McNeil

About the Author Bob McNeil

Bob McNeil recalls, at the age of six, A Child’s Garden of Verses planted a seed in his mental soil.  Now, since the Autumn of Adulthood has descended upon him, Mr. McNeil feels his harvest came in the form of a position as Poetry Editor for BLACFAX and the publication of his two books.  Both of these poetic compositions, Secular Sacraments and The Nubian Gallery, A Poetry Anthology, can be found in various libraries, universities and bookstores.

Bob McNeil was influenced by the Imagists and the Negritude Movement.   Furthermore, even after all these years of being a professional illustrator, spoken word artist and writer, he still hopes to express and address the needs of the human mosaic.   

Besides writing professionally, Bob McNeil is an orator of some renown.  For example, he was the Featured Poet at numerous libraries throughout the tri-state area.  He looks forward to performing again with his spoken word and music group in the future. 

Kindly refer to Facebook, mcneil_bob@yahoo.com or YouTube for more information about poems, songs and videos.  If you prefer postal mail, Bob McNeil can be reached at P.O. Box 144, Hollis, NY 11423.


  1. "Without question Bob McNeil is a preeminent voice in contemporary American poetry. Congratulations, Bob, on your well-deserved win!" - Shawn Hamilton

  2. There is no doubt in how this became the first-place poem.

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  4. Congrats, Bob.
    This piece speaks volumes.

  5. I agree with the above comments, Bob. You are a heavy-weight wordsmith and a fine craftsman.

  6. Congratulations well written piece

  7. Congratulations well written piece