Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First Place Amateur Poem


My government is broken
It’s plain to see
A bunch of idiots for the world to see
Unable to compromise on such serious matters
Go away people your vote doesn't matter

Everyone wants to be the boss
All want to win, no one want to suffer the loss
Both sides sit around with stupid grins
Not understanding the depths of which the nation hinge

Sitting around making foolish rules
Lord have mercy on us, we elected these fools
They spend millions of dollars on other nations needs
Forgetting our own not hearing our pleads
It matters not to these worthless fools
They cause us to suffer and forget who really rules

Go out and give your life to protect our land
What you get in return is a empty hand
Come home wounded and filled with despair
You gave your courage to a country that did not care

Concerned only with their own foolish obsessions
Determined to please their own constituents and make new connections
Thus leaving the nation with permanent disconnection

So here we sit in wonder and haste
Wondering how to prevent such waste
A waste of time, energy and money
Only the elected officials enjoy the abundance
I won’t forget them when it’s time to vote
I'll remember when they offered no hope

Beware of Americans who have no hope
Beware of Americans with a good memory and a vote

©2014 Delores Almond

About the Author Delores Almond
Delores Almond is a native of Detroit, Michigan who currently resides in Virginia. Delores occasionally performs "open mic." Delores is currently working on a collection of poetry and short stories.


  1. This is truly a "Political Poem".

    Best stanza:
    Beware of Americans who have no hope
    Beware of Americans with a good memory and a vote

  2. Thank you! I appreciate your response.

  3. This is a great statement of our current situation. I was just browsing the internet and saw this. Also, I saw this woman perform one night in DC. Such raw talent!

  4. This is awesome Ms. Dee I loved it !! I can hear you saying every word. ❤

  5. Great poem. Heard about her on FB, and googled her name. Cannot believe the talent of this young lady.

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  7. this poem describes the state that our country is in and has been beautiful DELORES YOU'RE ON THE WAY UP!!!!! NOTHING SHALL STOP YOU NOW!!!!!!