Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fourth Place in The Political Poet Poetry Competition

Oil Disaster 2010

BP Oil devours the earth with deadly holes, never to atone,
As ghoulish, golden, greedy hands feed upon the dead-zone.
Stunned by viscous tar ablaze, the oil rigs drill and blunder,
Beneath the butterfly lily and green ocean days of summer.

We sanctify this vicious crude eagerly spoiling the earth,
While hydrocarbons depend upon this dark and lifeless turf.
Capitalist tongues digest the lies to clean-up this disaster,
While gallows of hidden steel cloaks, drill wells even faster.

Citizens of ice and stone are blatantly detached,
Consumer complacency is taking our futures back.
Owners, greedy to exchange, decayed plankton to deliver,
As lifeless toxic sludge thrives let all creation quiver

Our country boasts about freedom and human rights.
While politicians detach from this eyeless, micro biotic plight.
Feasting on sludge small fish die and feed bigger fish who then expire,
This un-natural food chain breeds only upon our desires.

by Julie Heckman

About the Author Julie Heckman

Born in Chicago I became a Californian at three years old. After the usual teenage drama I entered California State University Los Angeles. There I procured a MA in Art degree and spent the next fifteen years owning my own graphic design firm, Julian Berlin Productions, that produced greeting card among other things that were sold throughout the US Europe and Canada. I became interested in Teaching 7th grade and returned to University again for a Teaching Credential. I taught for four years. After this I went back to university to the School of Theology at Claremont and procured a Masters of divinity and a Doctor of Ministry. I worked as a minister for a few years then became disabled and retired. Now I spend most my days reading and writing poetry.

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