Monday, April 4, 2011

FIFTH PLACE in The Political Poet Poetry Competition

STARS AND STRIPES (and kindlier gripes)
Give us stars for our right to assemble
and for free speech in venting our spleen
doesn't matter at all our political stripes --
the far left, the far right, in-between

There's the usual Dems and Republicans
but branching out further from there
at each end of our widening spectrum
complex heartfelt issues all air

Deep concerns leave many quite angry
bitter rivals won't always sway
but our mainstream agree that malice is not
the truly American Way

So let us have cooler behavior
our forefathers now remind...
spiteful action is quite far beneath us
in a nation intrinsically kind

Let vitriol fall by the wayside
fine manners once again flair
Agree to respectfully disagree on
common good & what's basically fair.

Opponents debating each other
minus hate in our land of the free
with One great and timeless reminder
Love of neighbor has always been key

Our empathy's ever praised worldwide
we're admired for our caring so true
'neath our own stars and stripes
let's have kindlier gripes
for our beautiful Red, White and Blue.
for our beautiful Red, White and Blue.
for our beautiful Red, White and Blue.
 by Alice Connally Fisk
About the Author Alice Connally Fisk
Alice Connally Fisk is a 72-year-old great-grandmother from Melrose, New York. She wrote the poem as lyrics to be turned into a music video on with her partner Richard Melvin Brown to see the video follow the link Words and Music by Alice Connally Fisk (ASCAP) and Richard Melvin Brown (Socan).

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