Saturday, November 27, 2010

Warning About Fake Republican Survey

I want everyone to be alert for a Republican stunt. My House Rep just happens to be Republican, and he sent me an official congressional email asking me to vote on what I think should be cut in the federal budget. The actual link is with buttons you are asked to click on to vote. These buttons don’t let you vote. They register every click as a yes to being cut on the Republican agenda. For example, if you believe NPR (National Public Radio) is a good thing and you want to vote not to cut funding for it then you are out of luck. If you click the button to vote, you automatically agreed with the Republicans to cut funding for NPR as government waste. I wrote my congressman back explaining the site was rigged, and they unfortunately got me to click on one of their buttons. To me, the word vote implies a choice to be cast. I found the web site misleading and wanted to warn anyone thinking about casting a no vote to cutting funding for NPR or the National Archives, not to do it.

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