Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back to business as usual

Before Republicans start patting themselves on the back, they should take a deep breath and hope their elected officials don't act like Newt's crowd that flooded into Washington years ago. You know the ones that promised term limits and campaign finance reform, neither happened. As soon as they got there, the lobbyists got to them, and they became Washington insiders, the same thing they vowed to not become.
The Democrats elected in the ground swell with President Obama forgot what happens to politicians who don't stick to their promise to the American people, not the lobbyists. Another group promising change gets swept into office. Bye, bye Democrats for now, see you in another two years when the Republicans cater to the lobbyists and not the best interest of the American people.
Until we, the people, make one party or the other stick to a platform to make taking money from lobbyists illegal and passing public financing of campaigns, we are going to continue to suffer this blight no matter which party we vote into control of Congress or the White House. Let us face it the politicians need the money to get re-elected, and the people flipping the bill will get their loyalty. We can do it or let the lobbyists continue to do it. It really doesn't have to cost the public anything to do it is the funny thing. We already require radio and television stations to make public service announcements to keep their federal licenses. Forget giving them tons of time. Give them equal limited time, and they will have to focus on platforms and issues rather than negative adds.
Lobbyists could still exists, but they will have to get meetings the good old fashion way with the merit of the issue on which they are seeking help. It is easy to see how the actual public interest will suddenly become more important than corporate profits which is the way our government for the people of the people by the people is suppose to work for us.
So to both parties I say this, go back to doing business as usual, but once the American people figure this out, the party that actually sticks to their word will be the last one standing. Hell, it might even be a third party, and both of your parties might be left out in the cold. I remember Jerry Springer and the Charterites of Cincinnati. These politicians came into office on the promise of honoring a charter where they spelled out the changes they would make. Are you listening Tea Party? Coffee Party? Libertarians? If you just ran on making taking money from lobbyists illegal and passing public financing of campaigns on your agenda then you could take control of Congress and the White House. Forget everything else. Just keep your promise, and you'll earn the respect of Americans.

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