Monday, September 29, 2014

Growing Tensions in Hong Kong Bigger Threat to the World Than ISIS

As police defend their rough handling of protesters, the growing tensions in Hong Kong pose a bigger threat to the United States and the world than ISIS. I keep pointing this out. Our government and everyone else in the world should be paying close attention to China. If the Chinese don't resolve this growing conflict between communism versus democracy, it could seriously impact the United States and the world economically having a crippling effect not only causing shortages considering the amount of products produced in China, but currency because China is on of the biggest lenders. Nations need to prepare themselves for the worst. Peking promised Hong Kong autonomy when the city state returned to China from the United Kingdom. Now, the ruling communist party wants to reel the Hong Kong political leaders in by offering the people only communist party members as choices during the election with no primaries. Considering the communist Chinese history of military action against dissidents within Chinese and neighboring countries on which the wish to impose their will, the world needs to decide what if any plan of action it will take when Peking attacks Hong Kong with military force.

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