Monday, January 14, 2013

Congressional Dine and Dash

Now, I’ve not been really critical of President Obama, but in his address to the people today he called Congress out with a pretty funny analogy. When referencing the upcoming debt ceiling battle on Congressional Hill he said, “The American people wouldn’t eat at a restaurant and then not pay the bill.” I immediately ROTFL (rolled on the floor laughing). I’m not sure that was the greatest analogy to use on the American people. We’ve all heard of if not participated in a “dine and dash” at some time in our lifetimes. That 70s Show did a hilarious episode on it. My son is in restaurant management, and I can assure you Americans still try to do the old “eat out and sneak out” consuming their meal then leaving without paying for it. Some Americans are even brazen enough to grab the bag of food at a drive through window and speed off without paying. So, I guess I’m calling the President out for a bad example because most Americans can imagine leaving without paying the bill, not that they would. It has been my experience that a lot of “dine and dash” occurs because of a youthful or drunken dare among friends and seldom because of the inability to pay or actual hunger, and President Obama just openly dared Congress to do a “dine and dash” with the debt ceiling. At this point I rub my forehead and shake my head no because you get that sinking feeling Congress is going to take the dare. I can almost hear the yelling across the aisle now, “You think we won’t? We’ll do it!” The problem is we have no chance of getting away with it. Like many of our wayward youths have discovered, we’ll get caught because the credit restaurant has video cameras and the owner knows our mom. Worse, what type of establishment is it? If we tried to skip out on a Mexican restaurant, we’re liable to get a beat down in the parking lot. So, who holds our debt? Holy crap! We’re trying to skip out on a Chinese restaurant? Are we crazy? We’ll be forced to work at sub minimum wage until we pay off our debt, and you don’t want to know what they’ll do to us if we don’t agree to work it off.

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