Friday, September 21, 2012

What Do We Owe Our Vets? Really!

Lately, I’ve been disgusted by the way the returning vets have been ignored when it comes to employment. I've actually heard people debating if we really owe our vets anything more than a pat on the back; afterall, they got combat pay didn't they. Must bite my lip in rage! What do we owe them? Really! I don't buy the cap in spending argument. The GOP had no problem waiving the requirements to pay for sending those vets into harm’s way. I don’t drink the Kool-Aid that the bill is a duplicate jobs training program. Both parties are getting shady on this one, job training versus actual jobs? I just saw where vocational schools couldn't field enough car mechanics for job vacancies at the tune of 70,000 unfilled every year because the schools lack funds for the equipment to train them on newer cars. The Republicans are saying slim down government on one hand which means less government jobs. The government can't just give vets jobs in the private sector which means more training opportunities are needed to fill jobs with vets. Another answer would be to offer more incentives to business to hire vets but they neither seem to be offering that as a solution in real time; unfortunately, I don't think the government should have to subsidize businesses to hire vets. I feel businesses should be doing it on their own because they enjoy the freedom to do business in this country and out thanks to our military. Really, it is shame on the big corporations sitting on record capital. Why is it governments' job (our pockets being picked) for job training or credits to hire? Why shouldn't the companies making the money flip their own bill for equipment to train employees? Why do they feel they deserve a credit to hire vets they should already want to hire because the vets deserve it? Whatever happened to the Reagan mandates? Tell corporations vets take priority when they hire by mandate and it doesn't cost us anything except letting them go to the front of the line because they deserve it? This brings me back to training. If they need to be trained then they should have a free pass to the front of the line there too. Why? They have given up years off their lives, some of them four and five tours of duty for us. They lost time at least we can do is try and save them a little time now. As far as I'm concerned, this bickering between parties because it is an election year is a travesty to our vets. Mock the vets by pretending they are important to your party (insert Dem or Rep) then do nothing in any hurry feigning a concern with the legislation your parties should be working on together instead of using for political speaking points. They’re doing the same thing with the American economy, job creation, the energy crisis and environmental protection. We (all Americans) should be demanding at the top of our lungs for both parties to stop acting like children and do their jobs, service for us.

Please see the following article on the GOP blocking a jobs bill for vets. We need to put pressure on both parties and demand our vets be treated with more respect than this.
GOP Blocks Veteran Jobs Bill

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