Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We Should Constitutionally Ban Gay Marriage, Seriously?

We Should Constitutionally Ban Gay Marriage, Seriously?

I’ve heard enough hatred spewing out of peoples’ mouths the last few days to last me a lifetime. I find it repulsive that people claiming to be religious demand same sex marriage be banned by constitutional amendment and states pretending they should have the right to vote on the matter. Really? I don’t care if 60% of the people in a state support banning same sex marriage and only 40% are against it. I thought the idea of minority rights being nationally protected and superseding state’s rights to infringe on peoples’ individual rights was established during the civil rights movement. Even in a free democracy, the majority isn’t allowed to take away other citizens’ rights because of race, religion, gender, age, income or sexual preference. Frankly, I think it is long overdue for same sex marriages to be recognized by all states and the federal government. If you draw a line and say it is acceptable to infringe on this groups’ rights or that groups’ rights because the masses don’t like something about “those” people then you buy into the premise anyone could be stripped of their rights by the changing whim of the mob. What do we do next take away voting rights for women, African Americans or people who don’t own land?

Before I catch a landslide of hate mail asking why I’m defending homosexuality like I caught for standing up for women’s rights, I’ll admit I am not homosexual, but I don’t feel I have to be gay or a woman to stand up for their rights. I could just as easily turn the question on the people against same sex marriage. How do two men or two women who love each other enough to get married hurt your heterosexual marriage? It really has nothing to do with you; in as much as, your heterosexual marriage has nothing to do with them. As I defended myself before when berated for giving my opinion, I believe it is our duty as Americans to stand up against injustice. We should protect the rights of everyone, even the Neo Nazi’s right to free speech. In the very act of protecting those rights we truly show how great a society we are.

As for the religious zealots who will immediately question my relationship with God, you don’t get to judge me. Remember, you’re not supposed to be judging anybody. God made that clear. I’m guessing that includes homosexuals? Regardless of wrong or right, you should step out of the way and let God decide. As for atheists like Bill Maher, they have enough sense to support the rights of same sex couples because it is the right thing to do. They don’t need God as an excuse. I’m sure some religious conservatives believe Bill Maher and I will both burn in Hell. There they go judging again.

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