Thursday, April 5, 2012

Honorable Mention Renee V. McCormick

Principal Deficit

Copper cables carry 
bitter spleen from the
talking heads to the faceless crowd

Injected with the virus,
they take on visages of their own
tea partier, occupier, paulite or gnome

And I – adrift in a land I once
owned and loved -  try to
make sense of it all

Will Gilgamesh please step forward
take center sage and save our people from
fracking foes and lying lore

For if not, we will surely perish
and it will not matter if Tehran
presses the accelerator

Harpies hover above
colored red, blue and yellow
and rancor rules below

The neocortex has melted into
the amygdala and it’s chanting
down, wound, over

God must see this and wonder
why he sent his only son to
guide us

But if he does, he can send
a sign of hope, a ray of light,
he can blend wisdom with the gound

Bend us, lend us, bring
to the fore the divine glimmer
to ignite the force

Copyright 2012: Renee V. McCormick


Renee McCormick dedicates this poem to her children Kaitlyn and Conor McCormick-Cavanagh and their generation of peacemakers.

About the Author Renee V. McCormick

Renee has spent her professional life as a psychologist helping people find their voices and rewrite their personal narratives.  She lives by the motto that it is never too late to change the ending of a story. 

Renee has also put stories on film to help people make responsible decisions about parenthood, and especially to prevent unwanted teen pregnancies.

Renee believes that poetry has the power to change the world.  Serving on the executive board of a U.N. affiliated organization, she organized the First Annual Poetry Competition for the Olof Palme Peace Foundation in 2011.

Find Renee on the web at

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