Thursday, December 8, 2011

Enough Negativity Happy Holidays

Enough is enough when it comes to negativity from the politicians during the holidays. I'm pretty sure it was a bonehead error to give the super committee a Thanksgiving Day deadline and not done intentionally to ruin our holidays, but I don't think it helped our confidence in opening our wallets and purses as consumers. So, they start another economic sky-is-falling the day before the Black Friday sales. We may not be rocket scientists, but I think we all know why consumers aren't spending as hoped. Personally, I would have liked them to set the arbitrary deadline they were never going to meet toward the end of January about the time we recover from all the holiday food and beverages.

We took our two grandsons around to look at lights the other night. They both loved it, but I had to search for decorated houses. I guess I'm getting old because I caught myself saying back in the day, but it was true. Back in the day, almost all the houses on every street were decorated and maybe 1 or 2 dim. Sadly now, the opposite is true. So here is my wish this year, I hope our economy turns around so the holiday spirit gets going full blast. Merry Christmas everyone!

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