Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Censorship On The Political Poet

I've caught some slack over a comment posted under a blog entry announcing the poetry contest. Although I do not agree with the comment posted as a poem, I believe in freedom of speech. Regardless of my dislike of a view, I will not censor my blog for a person having an opinion other than my own. If I remove the comment, it defeats the whole point of being a political poet. Opinions are important even if you dislike them. They let you know we are not all cut from the same cookie cutter design. Maybe listening to other's views and opinions to find out the reason a rift exists would avoid conflict between countries, religions, races, ages or sexual orientations? We might think the comment is ridiculous and think of a dozen rebuttals immediately, but if one person out there has that view then you can bet their are others. Feel free to write rebuttals and post them under the poem if you find it offensive. The only requirement is to not use profane language or overly sexual material. As I have stated before, these web pages are visited by younger students on a regular basis, and I will remove anything overly profane, sexual, or calling for violence; however, I will not remove a comment due to opinion.

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