Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Multi-Million Dollar NFL Slaves Unhappy

After Viking's Adrian Peterson said being in the NFL was like being in the slave trade, a friend of mine on Facebook was pretty upset with the pro football players, and she claimed she was done with those cry baby players. Recently, a South Park episode on Comedy Central called Crack Baby Basketball poked fun at Cartman's newly created sport being exploitative like slavery, and the big joke was he compared it to the NCAA.
I don't like throwing a word like slavery around lightly, but if you're comparing pro and college athletes then Matt Stone and Trey Parker used it correctly. Now, college that's a slave trade millions of $ to the colleges, but only a few of the athletes get scholarships. NCAA caps those. How about giving all the team members full paid scholarships, and they could pay a set amount of players capped small stipends. College athletes have to risk injury, attend classes and practices, but don't buy them a hamburger if they're hungry might lose their scholarship. The NCAA don't really care if they graduate as long as they keep all the $. Only the fans care if college players leave early to avoid injury or they need the money. After all that, they decide to go pro so they can make some money, pay some bills, and buy mom that house only to be locked out because some pros already knee deep in cash wants more. The funny thing is they want the new players to take smaller contracts so they can take more. Greed does not become football players. I love the game, but I'm starting to dislike the pro players.

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