Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tea Party Quickly Becoming the Brown Shirts of the Republican Nazi Party

Seriously, we are expected to believe the violence in Arizona was a single lunatic’s psychotic episode? Web pages with targets on Democratic politicians who voted for the healthcare bill had no influence? Are we all playing dumb? The Tea Party is quickly becoming the Brown Shirted goons of the Republican Nazi party, and Sarah Palin is becoming the female version of Adolf Hitler. Before another episode of Tea Party violence breaks out in another state, I have two words for you, plausible deniability. The Nazi party in Germany simply denied having any real control over the paramilitary SA or Brown Shirts as they performed their program of thug violence on the Jewish population during the period of Kristalllnacht or the Night of Broken Glass. The Brown Shirts were pivotal in bringing Adolf Hitler to power with terror, fear and violence. Is that what the Tea Party wants in our country to get their way or else?
When they come for our duly elected officials are we to do nothing?
It seems Sarah Palin is lawyering up and covering her butt from civil suits just in case some of the victims’ families want to inflict punitive damages on the person actually giving a speech saying, “reload and take aim” and causing the poisonous atmosphere of hate. I thought this country had laws against inciting violence? Was anyone fooled by her “Blood Libel” speech? Maybe I could believe it if this were the first case of violence caused by the Tea Party, but I live in Kentucky where the newly elected junior Senator Rand Paul’s Tea Party supporters think Brown Shirt violence is the Republican Party normal. See the video link from March 2010 about national Tea Party violence incited by several GOP officials .  Violence continues in Kentucky where a woman is pushed to the ground and her head stomped, .
So why are we treating this latest act of violence like a single act of a lunatic? It’s not surprising one of Jared Lee Loughner’s favorite books was Mein Kampf by Sarah Palin. Oh, I mean Adolf Hitler. I agree we all need to tone down our political rhetoric on the Republican side, but where is the inciting rhetoric from the Democratic side? When Sarah Palin states both sides who is she talking about? Is she talking about Michael Moore for pointing out the PAC web pages with crosshairs on Democratic targets and reminding people of certain speeches where Tea Partiers are told to “reload and take aim”? If I was any of several GOP politicians, not just Sarah Palin, on the above video spouting intimidating innuendo reminding the victims’ families that most juries might find it easy to conclude with a 51% probability they were libel for causing the atmosphere whereby the Arizona shootings took place then I’d consider that threatening rhetoric.
I’m not against the idea of taking back America. The Tea Party needs to police itself and get the people inciting violence out of their party, namely the Republican plants who hijacked your independent party. Just like the Nazi Party had the Brown Shirts to use as their thugs, the Republican Party is using the Tea Party as their thugs. Sarah Palin might even end up being the fall girl for this episode when the above video from March 2010 shows it was all the GOP leaders. My advice to the Tea Party is to take back your party before you try to take back America.

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